Our means of production

The company is equipped for mounting connectors on site.
It has the most sophisticated specifications and is a competent and efficient partner for the study and development of specific solutions.

Description Number
Automatic machine – cutting wire or jacket and stripping
cam KOMAX KAPPA 350 (jusqu’à 200 mm2) 1
cam KOMAX KAPPA 206 (jusqu’à 200 mm²) 1
cam KOMAX KAPPA 230 (jusqu’à 25 mm2) 1
cam MAKFIL PRIMA (jusqu’à 6 mm2) 1
FILOMAT (jusqu’à 6 mm2) 1
STERLING (jusqu’à 6 mm2) 1
Semi-automatic machine for to cut the jacket and stripping
KORMAK (jusqu’à 6 mm2) 1
Press for crimping terminals
Tête hydraulique pour cosses tubulaires jusqu’à 200mm² 1
press for crimping terminals (lugs) up to 150 mm2
cam WDT UP 420 1
Semi-automatic machine for stripping and crimping with mini applicator
cam WDT FMP 20 1
Semi-automatic machine for to cut the jacket and stripping
machine semi-automatique de sertissage (bloc outil)
cam STOCKO 1
Semi-automatic machine crimping
cam LEIBINGER JET 3 (couleur orange) 1
cam LINX (couleur noir) 1
Semi-automatic machine crimping
machine semi-automatique de sertissage de connecteurs HE14
machines semi-automatique de sertissage plug 6/4 2
1 electrical press for crimping the modular plugs 4/4 – 6/4 – 6/6 –8/8 1
1 electrical press with two heads for crimping the modular plugs 4/4 – 6/4 – 6/6 –8/8 1
machine de coupe / marquage à chaud gaine thermo 1
machine for to cut and print the shrinkable tubings or to print the stickers 1
Various pneumatic tools for crimping many terminals loose
1 pneumatic tool for crimping caxial connectors 1
Pinces manuelles à sertir différentes cosses
Mini applicator
mini applicators for crimping different terminals :
Tyco, Molex, Hirose, JST, Lumberg, Stocko, FCI, deutsch, wurth etc…
Means of test and test
Machine for tensile test (since 0 to 10 KN)
cam Workstation for test continuity and short cicuits 2
Different models for custom control continuity / short-circuit
Bench mesuring for test : dielectric – resistance – breakdown – insulation
Oven for aging tests
Means R and D
We are equiped with a CAD drawing software (DISAGN CAD PRO 5000)