Ets Louis Schneider
Maker of Wiring and electrical cabling at Colmar Alsace

Since 1965

With a motivated team and a park that lives up to its know-how as a subcontractor of wiring and electrical cabling , cords, wiring harnesses, coaxial, cables harnesses, wires equipped with different connectors, etc …
The company favors, the efficiency of the service, the quality of the products and its responsiveness to satisfy its customers.

Our expertise

Ets Louis Schneider perform for you :

The design and construction of cables, cords, harnesses, which can be achieved in small, medium and large series by our Colmar our loality or our partner factories in China.

For products made in China, we can proceed to study and achieve your cords and molds and molding parts made of ABS or other materials. 
We touch different areas: 




New Toys

Audio Video

Computers and Home Automation

Data Transmission

Electronic Banking

Our products

The company is equipped for mounting connectors on site. It has the most sophisticated specifications
and is a competent and efficient partner for the study and development of specific solutions.
  • Study and development of cables, cables and connectors

  • Import of cables, cords and semi-finished products from Asia

  • Study and development of products made in Asia (overmoulding - connectors - etc ...)

  • Shaping of cords and connectors at the Colmar site

We work on wires and cables with cross-section from 0.05 to 200 mm2

Voir quelques exemples de fabrication

Our facilities

It is a consistent and reliable machinery fleet that allows Louis Schneider SAS to adapt its production flexibly to all needs.

Whatever the quantity to supply, precision and quality will be respected